five years later . . . Kim

I have a friend named Carol (I love Carol!)
I met her in College.
five years ago, Carol and her family moved away to another state - - far, far away. before she moved, she invited us to her baby girl's birthday party
where I met Kim - - Carol's good friend and co-worker

(fast forward to last month)

I have a friend named Shannon (I love Shannon!)
When we had no place to live last month, she and Steve invited to stay at their place for a bit (risky love, right?)
While we were there, the neighbors across the street invited us to all come over for a swim in their sweet awesome pool.
of course we went
and there was Kim!

I love it when God does that.


  1. You are wonderful. I love when God does that, too.

  2. I love you.
    I love God.
    I love Kim.
    I love how God loves you and me and Kim and blesses me through you and draws Kim to Himself through both of us years apart.
    I love it!