Labor day-o-love

When we were in Spain, Labor day was one of those holidays that would come and go without us even realizing it. This year, though, it didn't get skipped over; in fact, we celebrated in three spectacular phases:

Labor day - - phase 1:
we stayed in our pajamas morning long until I decided to wash some clothes. the washing machine - - lo and behold - - would not fill, so we made a visit to Ed and Mary's place to see if they knew the trick to get it going (Ed and Mary are the generous, kind folk next door who actually own the home we are staying in). Ed came over with his tool belt and did, indeed fix the machine. Meanwhile, Mary - - who was clipping her rose bushes taught me how it should be done - - and when I shamelessly asked if I could dig through her cast offs and take some flowers home with me, she cut me the nicest stems of roses she had on her bushes; and then she told Malachai where in her rose bushes she had seen a preying mantis so that he could catch it.

that was some good love.
Labor day, phase 2:
Matt and Stephanie, and the rest of their bible study group threw a Labor day bar-b-q. . . and they thought to invite us;
we hadn't planned a bar-b-q for ourselves;
of course not;
we're out of the cultural loop these days.
So we were glad to get the invite to someone elses' shindig.
We figured we made out on two accounts:
they provided ALL the hamburgers and we got to meet everyone's neighbors
Josu made out because he got to carry around his very own can of rootbeer (some guys have all the luck, right?)

that was some good love.

Labor day phase 3:
Ryan and Catherine and their girlies came over for dinner and games
and they picked up like half of the key ingredients (for my special dinner for them) at the grocery store on the way over.
and we laughed harder than we've laughed in a long time

that was some good love

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