the reading and spelling crazies

Malachai picked up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this morning.
he put it down when he went off to his site classes at 8:00 am,
and then picked it up when he came home at 3:00
and finished the book before dinner.

That kid amazes me.

I picked up his writing class homework this afternoon and read this:

I like: cechin bogs and lesords (translation - "catching bugs and lizards")

and this one:

I like to: plai bascetbal and resol ("play basketball and wressle")

amazing, huh?

How in the world he can be so exposed to so many properly spelled words and be able to reproduce so few of them accurately!?

post script

ok, I just realized that Charlie and the Chocolate factory was actually in Spanish . . . but still . . . he reads enough in english. . . why can't it all just soak in?

post post script

whatever; who am I kidding? I just had to spellcheck like 20 words on this post; he gets it from his mother; there is no cure.


  1. I know that he gets lots of good stuff from the Newtons. . .but you know about our spelling track record, right?

  2. I've actually wondered that too until I started Zak on a new spelling program. As it turns out when children read they "input" the whole word at once, if the word is confused when it get into their brain, it is confused when it comes out on paper. The best way to work on spelling (even for phonetic speller like your son) is to give spelling words verbally - that way they input it in the correct order. He's pretty young to worry about it though. It's great that he can come up with an intelligible sentence on his own. It's funny that creative writing projects insists on unimaginative spelling :)

  3. i am still amazed that he is going to school in America (in english) right after a huge move from over the ocean and reading a book for pleasure in Spanish at what?- 8? 9 years old? Wow! (as for spelling- don't they say that as long as the first and last letter are correct, anyone will be able to read it and understand it?)

  4. this one really made me smile.

  5. Hey, Amaleah is the same way. We are trying new approaches to spelling this year, we shall see how it goes! I've read recently that it's good no to say "how does it sound" when they ask you how to spell it, which I have always done...because of course they will spell it how it sounds, and that is usually always wrong! Show them the right way on the board, have them visualize, take a snapshot, etc., and then have them copy it...and on and on. Love you!

  6. mom - - I know, I know . . .

    Jacquelyn - - interesting! what exactly do you mean by "give spelling words verbally"?

    Heather - - haha! I like that theory!

    Gab - - yeeeees keep me posted!