Speaking of Kim . . . I've really got to hand it to her for being quick on the relational uptake. I don't think we had even dried our hair or wrung out our bathing suits after our swim at their place, when she was knocking on our door with invitations to her boys birthday party the following week . . . and then a couple of weeks later, an invite to a real-live princess party.
So I'm making a princess gift.
I stood in line at Joann fabrics on Monday and the woman who attended me at the cash register asked me what I was going to sew with all my miscellaneous fabric items (aren't they good that way? I love it when they ask)
"a princess and the pea doll" I told her.
"sounds cool" she told me
"it's awesome in my head" I said
tomorrow's the big day. I'm off to sew some more mattresses.


  1. If anyone in the world will appreciate a gift like that - it is Kim. Didn't I once get you a fancy pin cushion I think? (I hope I'm remembering that right.) I got her one too. I miss you all SO much!

  2. I of course I got the fancy pin cushion!

  3. I know it will be awesome, and you must post a picture. By the way, Julia was looking at my mom's pin cushion the other day and she said, "is that a pin puff?" Um, of course it is, and why don't we call it such a pretty name. That's my new name for it now.

  4. pin puff is perfect!

    . . . and I would have posted a picture (because it DID turn out almost as awesome as it was in my head - - how often does that happen?) BUT 2.5 seconds before I ran out to the party and remembered to take a picture - - I realized that my battery was dead. boo.

  5. BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! How was the party?