From San Jose we traveled over to Turlock to visit Aunt Terri and uncle Tom.  I think that every time we visit them we give them an extremely short notice . . . I keep telling myself that growing up means that I need to give respectable people a respectable advance notice before dropping in . . .(but then I forget)

Thankfully, aunt Terri and uncle Tom never have said no to a drop-in visit;  (they wait patiently for me to grow up)

There were many wonderful things awaiting us in Turlock last week  (a tent and a sweet dog and rowdy games of basketball and the library and mango salsa and a jog along the greenbelt and baseball in the park and conversations on the couch about the beauty and brokenness of God's creative world),
and amongst all these wonderful things, my cousin Molly (who is in the middle of planning her wedding, and has come up with this amazing idea to make homemade jams for all the wedding guests - - the Turlock family is like cool that - - always making up their own sweets and treats)  found out that I had never made jam myself, was aghast and invited me to join her in making jam.  So we drove together to the strawberry field and then back home, and as we chopped the berries and measured the sugar and ladled the steaming jam into cute little jars, we talked about Eddy (her love) and the treasures God has in marriage.

sigh.  thank you, Molly, for sharing that sweet bit of your heart with me.
and thank you for teaching me how to make jam.

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