My friendship with Julie is one of those rare jewels of a friendship- - it just keeps growing. We met in college - - we were dorm next door neighbors. I got married soon after we met, and our friendship just got better (now it included Joshua);  we moved away to Spain, and it just got better (she would even visit us);  she up and married  Peter, and (can you believe it?) now he's always around her, and our friendship got better!
In wanting to keep this friendship awesome, we say yes anytime that Julie and Peter want to come and visit us, and we try and bum an invite off of them every time we travel up the CA coast. So, we spent a few days up in San Jose with Julie and Peter earlier this month.
The first night that we stayed with them, Julie whipped out some of the most amazing artichokes we have ever eaten - - so amazing, in fact that Malachai insisted " if this isn't hospitality, then I don't know what is!"
Well yes, the artichokes were pretty good, but were they  the best of the hospitality? Um, what about Peter and Julie watching our kids for two whole days so that we could sit calmly and focused at a conference?  that was pretty awesome.
Or what about Peter checking out ipads from the apple library so that all three of my kids could play on their very own pad? That rocked their world.
Or what about little Leo sharing his train set with my lovely, crazy children that descended onto him and his personal toy collection like the swarm of locusts onto the Egyptians crops? That's hard to beat, yeah? 
But seriously, though,
seriously. . .
maybe what I loved most was the way that Peter and Julie so winsomely asked us questions and spoke truth into our lives.  (the artichokes were good, but not that good)


  1. we were so blessed by your visit (and are even more so by your friendship!), you are welcome always, the longer the visit the better - next time we hope to have more room for you!

  2. yay! we miss you guys already - - My mother-in-law asked Selma the other day about her cousin Julia (because Selma does, indeed have a cousin Julia that she loves very much), and she said "NO, Julie is my friend, and she has a baby named Leo and HE is my cousin"