suitcase trauma

We are are almost, almost all packed up.

I have been having this recurring dream in which I think that I have completed all my packing but then I open a closet,
and stuff pours out
(stuff and lots and lots of books)
. . . and I realize that I need to find more room in my suitcases for all that stuff (and books).

It's the packer's nightmare.


  1. I really like your new look!

    and I really, REALLY like this picture of the guys, bent/crouched over their books and lost to the world :)

  2. thanks Rachel! we miss you!

  3. i'm just catching up on your blog... Love it. Love you guys. We are having similar trauma here in Mongolia. We fly tomorrow. I took out more stuff to leave behind, and then I put it all back! I wish suitcases were lighter than air, I wish they were like a Mary Poppins carpet bag. I wish the packed themselves, I wish they magically beamed themselves to their new home and unloaded their contents in some magical artistic way!
    OK.... enough wishing. Happy settling in. I think you might be leaving soon, or just arriving.