We finished shopping at Trader Joe's tonight, and as we packed into the car Josu asked - - "Where are we going now?"
"Now we go home!" we told him.
"But what does home mean?" he asked, "what home are we going to?"

Aaaaah sweet boy.
We did some explaining,
but I wish I could explain it better to him; out of my three, I think that Josu is the most tender to our nomadic ways. We'll keep trying.

So for the rest of you who might be wondering where home is for us these days, here's the schedule:
this week - we travel up to northern CA for a bit
and then for a few days- we get to spend some down time with Joshua's parents
the week after that - - we travel down to southern CA for a bit
and then we're in Santa Clarita for a few days (can't miss VBS!)
and back up to Santa Maria to be with Joshua's parents
we fly out to Mexico
on July 11


  1. Our kids say that home is wherever Mom and Dad are and that makes them pretty happy!

  2. love it... having similar discussions here, daily, so your post brought a tear to my eye and a prayer to my heart.


  3. I've been thinking about this and your kids lately--and how they are truly learning about God's faithfulness--and not to depend or fall in love with our possessions and all that. I miss Josu (and the rest of you guys...)your sweet little children are far ahead of many of our children in this respect, and even if they don't know it, I do believe it will bless their lives in the future.

  4. ps. looking at Josu's sideburns gives me more confidence that Landis's are okay and I don't need to cut them yet...josu is my hero in hair fashion.

  5. Naomi- do you still want to do photos? I haven't seen you in a while.

  6. I am sure that you have already worked out places to stay during your last weeks of nomadicism (is that a word?) but if you still have some gaps to fill, we have two empty bedrooms you are welcomed to fill! especially maybe the night(s) before or after your last visit to anchor.

    If you need a place, let me know! :)

  7. traveling mama - - yes! we talk about that a lot! (and thanks for the reminder . . . we should probably talk about it more)

    Becca - - sigh. we love you guys!

    Gab - - you always encourage me . . . and yes, keep Landis' hair long!

    Emily - - I KNOW! we had so many unexpected things pop up, and now we are traveling all around CA. we have a few days that we will be in SC . . . could I email you those dates and see if they work for you? because I would love, love, love to have you take our picture!

    Sarah - - thank you; you are always so thoughtful! I think we're set, but I know who call if we need a place in longbeach ;)