I forgot that if I invited our neighbors to come at 5 - - of course they really wouldn't come till 6. (but they came!)   They trickled in . . . one with a chocolate cake, then another with salsa flavored pork rinds  . . . and then we put on another pot of coffee. 
They were a fantastic group to have over; they answered all of our questions - - telling me what Mexican dishes I needed to learn to cook, and discussing what they thought the needs of our neighborhood are,  and what the underlying issues are that contribute to those needs.  They asked us questions too - - they wondered what we were doing here and if the kids were adjusting well. And when they left, the neighbor to our left said "if you need anything - - anything!  please come over and we will do what we can to help;  because I've decided that I like you!" 
of course this has got me wondering why we didn't throw ourselves a party sooner  (suddenly the hellos between us are all friendlier, and that one neighbor doesn't avoid eye contact any more)  And I'm starting to feel excited about having them over on an individual basis. . .
(hmmm. what should I cook for them?)


  1. breaking the ice, sometimes you have to be the one to initiate, that's what I am learning at my new place too:)

  2. pizza. do it.
    Oh, and what, my dear, are those darling little plants on your windowsill? and why, may I ask, do you have to be so cute?

  3. Alyssa - - ah yes; initiating . . . it's rewarding, huh? (promise me that you'll do it your entire life, ok? never grow weary!) :)

    Gab - - noooo! I can't do pizza yet! I haven't found high gluten flour AND I have and extremely finiky oven. Don't you like my plants?! there was a whole selection of them at the street market; I am looking for teeny tiny pots to transplant them into.