We spent Saturday morning at DAYA, watching  the babies as Karla  did a workshop with the girls;
It was good to be there.
Malachai and I had a significant conversation on Friday night when  he realized that playing with the babies at DAYA  would not necessarily be fun.  (I think it clicked  when I told him that he could roll the ball to the babies, but not actually play a game of soccer with them)
I reminded him that I wash his dirty clothes - - not because it's fun for me, but because I love him;
and that sometimes, Papa's work isn't fun, but that he works as an expression of love for the world and for his family.
"And what about Jesus?"  I asked him.
Malachai laughed;
he got it.

And the next morning  Joshua held crying babies, Malachai helped a little guy climb up the ladder and slide down the slide 20 times, and Josu  held little Jonatan's hand  for almost a solid hour;  even Selma got in on the love:
It was good to be there.

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  1. they are learning to minister in a completely new way, aren't they? so good.