(the strawberries got too roughed up in the market cart; 
they will be turned into sauce)

Joshua and I, and Barry and Karla are reading through When Helping Hurts.  I thought that I had read it before, but I guess that Joshua had read it, and had read me all the things he underlined as he went along, so I just thought that I had read it.
that happens to me every once in a while.
(thanks to Joshua, I think I'm way more well read than I actually am)

Last week we read through the first couple of chapters and discussed them as a team.  We talked about how Jesus - - our King, embodied his kingdom.
throughout his ministry
He taught that he was king,
and he showed that he was king.
He taught what his kingdom is like,
and he showed what his kingdom is like.

My mind and heart are lingering over this marvelous king.
I'm thinking about what implications this has for me and how I follow him.
(he is my king after all!) 

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  1. hmm, I think this is the book that Josiah and Lindsey's group was reading this summer when we visited Memphis.
    I'm so thankful that Jesus reigns as King, my King. . .