Joshua just finished  reading the Secret Garden out loud to us.  It's convinced me to compost again, and it's got Malachai speaking Moorish ( a Moorish that sounds surprisingly like a southern accent).

Have you ever read The Secret Garden?  I wish I could have had a conversation with Frances Hodgson Burnett  and let her know that Jesus was the Magic that she was so intrigued with - - that he is the one who pulls the sun up in the morning, and then back down at night; who makes the plants to spring up and can transform dreariness and death  into joy and life!

I hope someone told her . . . I get the sense that she was desperate to know . . . 

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  1. I am sorting books; I just added to Rachel's stack a lovely old hard back copy of "The Secret Garden" with pictures by Tasha Tudor. I guess it's old because the inscription says to Rachel, 1985! You all read the book, although I don't remember it as a read-aloud. I like your observations about the author,how her writing conveys her worldview- hope that's true of me. . .