hello! How was your weekend?  We had a couple of last minute cancels on Saturday, which left our day completely open.  We are all sniffling and snorting around here (It's disgusting, really), so I was thankful for a day to be quiet at home.

I took the kids to school today, and then went to pick Malachai up an hour later after a call from the school office.  It's possible that Malachai really is too sick to be at school.  It's also possible that the substitute teacher couldn't handle the sound if him sniffling and snorting, and sent him home because of that.  However it is, I'll enjoy my day with my boy.

We picked up a tamale from the tamale shop that's on the way home:
it cost 10 pesos
I only had 6 pesos
(and a 100 peso bill)
the tamale guy told me to just give him the 6 pesos, and to pay him the 4 another day.

That pleased me very much - - I suspect that it means that our neighborhood is getting to know us, and there is some sort of trust settling in (are any of my Mexican friends reading this?  what do you think?)


  1. YAY for the tamale man and trust...boo for the sniffy stuff...we're doing that around here. Guessing we picked it up on the airplane or those dreaded gringo germs at WDW....Benadryl has been my friend these last days...and I'm feeling better, though Anna is not! My kids made cheese empanadas for breakfast....yummy...have a few left for cafecito with the few team members on the video trip that arrive with Brian this PM! Hugs, Cathi

  2. um yes, I would LOVE an cheese empanada!! (maybe UPS will do the trick?) thank you! :)

  3. Folks in Portobuffole used to do that for us too! "pay us tomorrow" I loved whether started happening. I felt like I had become an accepted part of their neighborhood. :)