We've had the best sort of Christmas break:  we've visited museums, stopped at nearly every park that we've walked by, listened to  about a bazillion chapters from Story of the World on CD, watched the Tin-tin movie, eaten a gigantic boxful of cinnamon donuts, and put no limit on the number of chapters we read from our out-loud family book (we're reading Hans Brinker  . . . because it just seemed right to read it during these holiday months!)

Yes, I am very, very sad that it is all over. 

We head out tomorrow, though, to the Reach Global Latin America missionary conference;
and that eases the pain.  I think that missionaries are super cool . . . and I'm bound to meet a few new, really awesome ones at the conference. 

If you think about it, could you pray for me this week?  That I would learn more about God and his love for the world through the sessions I attend and the conversations I have?  
thank you, thank you!  (I love that I can ask you to pray . . . and that I am absolutely certain that some of you will; I am a blessed woman!)

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  1. We are going to begin reading an out loud books before bedtime@ I love that. and I love you and think y ou are going to be such a blessing to the missionaries that are going to meet you! You will bless each other!