Our camera man fell sick last night;  rumor has it that he ate a street stand hamburger for lunch yesterday and has been throwing up ever since (but I haven't actually confirmed this rumor since he's been in bed for the past 24 hours. . . so maybe there was no hamburger involved)
I am disappointed for a couple of extremely selfish reasons:

1. There will be no filming today - Joshua told me that when they were out in the neighborhood filming yesterday, they borrowed a dolly off of the orange juice lady, and Joshua pushed Troy past the newsstand to get a drive-by filming of the headlines.  I was wanting to go out with them today and get some pictures of them doing similar filming shenanigans.  oh well.

2. Joshua and I were hoping to recruit Troy and his wife to join the Mexico City team;  I think that it's going to be harder to do that now that his stomach has been ravaged by some Mexican bug. blast!

The good news is that I hear from Joshua (who got a sneak peek of the footage) that the video is going to be awesome.

p.s. Troy, if you are reading this, ignore the above two points and know that we're sad that you are sick for purely unselfish reasons  . . . get well soon!

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