I read this lovely post earlier this week;
In her post, Tina raises the question: "how do you use your creativity to help others?"

I thought her question was particularly appropriate to us this week since we have Troy - camera man extraordinaire - visiting us here in Mexico city to do nothing less than . . . use his creativity to help us;

He's been traveling around the city with his video camera in his arms, capturing both the beauty and the needs of the city.  Once he's done filming, he's going to take the 2 million hours worth of video, and edit it down into a three minute jewel  . . . We're going to show it to every person we meet - - so that they can be captivated by the same city that has captivated us.

(I have a feeling it's going to go viral on facebook)

see the guy in the orange shirt holding the larger-than-what-normal-humans-own  video camera? 
that's Troy . . . working his magic

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