Yesterday Joshua took Malachai and Josu out for a man date.
It's something manly that they do every once in a while.

I think I've got a pretty sweet deal because Selma is convinced that the girl's equivalent to a man date is a tea party, so whenever the guys have a man date, Selma and I have a tea party - which essentially means that I get to do whatever I want with her, and then I tag on a tea party at the end of the afternoon and she's as happy as can be.

I've been wanting a few new plants, so before we tea-partied we went down to the market to pick some out.  It went kind of like this:

me: Selma, pick out a plant for us!
Selma: picks out a plant
me: don't touch the edge of the sawed-in-two beer can!
me: sweet plant! now stand there so that I can take a picture
Selma: stands there so I can take a picture
me: don't touch the edge of that sawed-in-two beer can!

we made it home with all fingers intact
and we even had time for a tea party (proof here)


  1. Such a sweet time. How funny, though, that when all my boys go out together the girls all clamor for a tea party too. And it works pretty much the same here, do whatever with a tea party tacked on. :) I will have to tell my littles that we share a little tradition with their friends in Mexico City!

    And I love the "hen and her chicks" that Selma picked, that is one of my favorite little succulents and so so very easy to grow. I must admit I have not seen the beer can cut in two method of potting before. I am glad no one got hurt. :)

    1. . . . I like that we have a shared tradition . . .

  2. You really are enjoying your little girl these days, aren't you? yay for tea parties...we do them around here too, only Landis demands to be in on it...he's pretty cute so we let him.

    1. I totally am! yes, the boys like to be part of tea parties around here too - - they know sweet treats are involved. (I bet Landis is more legit though . . . I bet he actually shows up with cute shoes)

  3. How cute is Selma and her tricycle! And then riding away with her plants in her basket. That is precious.