Goodness!  was that really a month ago?
We baked up a cake and took it to a favorite neighborhood hangout to share with our friends (and the waiters and the kitchen staff . . . who will soon be our friends too . . . just wait and see!)

the cake may or may not have been leaning to the left;
and I may or may not have sliced the bottom off trying to straighten it . . . only to make it then lean to the right.
I don't want to talk about that right now.

I would rather tell you how my five year old baby hopped on an airplane the next day, and had another birthday party in an other country.  
cheeky girl.

Selma, at 5 you are:
vibrant and alive,
an amazing kitchen helper, 
a little bit bossy (we'll call you "a strong leader"?), 
the first to join in on a song or dance,
a kind friend,

I'm glad to live life with you, sweet girl.


  1. my layer cakes are almost always leaning too. oh well ;) they still taste just as good!