We walked to the little bakery just around the corner this morning (to get some sun-dried tomato focaccia bread - their Saturday specialty), and then to the flea market - two of our favorite Saturday morning activities.

And on our way home God took the thread of our lives and crossed it with a couple of lovely ladies that we met last year when Joshua preached at an English speaking international church.

They were looking for the flea market;
I told them that we were only a block from our house - that they had to come over for some coffee (the flea market could wait)

so our sidewalk meeting turned into a coffee;
Our coffee turned to lunch;
and somehow
our lunch turned into a fantastic christmas tree hunt.

Not bad for a sidewalk meeting. . . . 

p.s. even though I just blogged about Christmas trees, I reserve the right to blog about Thanksgiving some time later on this week if I want.  

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