Selma and I ran some errands yesterday;  we picked up a leafy branch and toted it home (sorry random man;  my little girl didn't mean to almost poke your eye out with her branch).
we wrapped it into a wreath.
we thought it looked nice.
Josu thought that it looked preeeeetty good, but that it needed something on it to make it fancier.
(I could have told you he would have said that; I need to check Selma's ribbon drawer for a little something fancy)

1. we will pass out christmas cookies to our neighbors
2. I will look for some Kinder eggs to put in the kids stockings
3. we will whip up some cinnamon rolls and pop them in our fridge for our Christmas morning (I think it's been about five years since I made cinnamon rolls;  I'm hoping it all goes right)
4. Joshua teaches at the Christmas eve service of a church nearby (do you want to come?  please do!)


  1. i'm putting kider eggs in my kids stockings too!!

    1. I wonder if our kids got the same toys . . . did your boys score a top, a mini pink car, or thing that spins and makes cool designs? :)

  2. so lovely!

    i'm making your fridge rolls tonight for our christmas day lunch...and i wish we could pop by for the christmas eve service (and maybe spend the night so we could give cuddles all around, and then try out those cinnamon rolls that i know will be Fantastic!)

    love to all

    1. I had to make a last minute run to the bread store down the street to get some fresh yeast because my first batch mixed up like a rock (bad yeast?) . SO: I has to estimate how much fresh yeast to substitute for dry, and I think I over did it, buuuuut, all in all I was pretty pleased!

      how did your rolls turn out?

  3. everything always looks so perfect in your windows.

    1. it's because you can't see the grime on them! :)