derby and other good things

In Spain, when you get a call from a friend who wants to spend a day together, you might:
oh, maybe visit a castle,
or watch giant, paper mache puppets march through narrow, cobblestone streets
or possibly drive up to France and buy some chocolates and lay on the beach.

In L.A., when a friend calls you to hang out, he may just take you downtown to the Red Bull soapbox derby:
(the city)
(the crowds)
(the awesome costumes and the sweet rides)(the metro)
you know where my mind drifts,
I wonder . . .
when friends in Mexico call us up to spend the day together, where will we go?


  1. In Louisville, a Derby Day looks very, very different..

    Excited to find out what sorts of things wait for us in Mexico City :).


  2. can't wait to hear about it. mercy and i were talking about how here in texas in the summer, we go shopping because it's our form of taking a walk...it's too hot to walk outside, so really, when we go shopping, we're just taking a walk...and that's what we do here in sa...

  3. What a crazy day! Thanks for going.