the New Year is fun, don't you think?
I'm not really prone to make insanely long lists of goals at the turn of the year.
(ok, fine . . . I'm not prone to make any list).
But still, I think that new beginnings are awesome;
a fresh start makes me happy.

I think that the joy and hope of a new start every year is
of the joy and hope that God gives us when we embrace his grace, find forgiveness in him, and delight in knowing and following him.  

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17


  1. And this year, we have an extra day to do good and show His love!

  2. Naomi, Naomi....you are doing your KRAs like a good little RG girl, aren't you? I count those as New Year's lists, as far as I am concerned... :-)

  3. Amy - you are awesome!
    and I . . . um, I AM a really good RG girl who:
    1. loves that RG trusts each family to decide whether or not the wife with formally complete personal KRA's
    2. is in constant thinking, reading and dialogue with my husband and team about how to better care for our city with God's amazing love
    . . . I bet they make nice new year's lists though . . .

  4. ha....I actually did NOT know that! Maybe it's by field....because I don't think they've ever actually given us wives that option way over here.... But that's okay because I really don't mind doing them. (and of course, I have no doubt that you are living intentionally and purposefully anyway, since that kind of defines you. :-)

  5. aaah . . . you've peaked my interest. you should send me your KRA's so that I can peak into your new year's list!
    (lots o' smiley faces here . . . ;) )

  6. mmm,I've never thought of the freshness of a new year quite that way; I like it-thanks for sharing.