Joshua and I went downtown this week to take the next steps in the rental process (which mostly involved us presenting and discussing the list of repairs that need to be done before we move in).

While we were there, licenciado Wolley - the quirky apartment manager that deserves a blog post all to himself - mentioned that the apartment on the floor right above where we are looking is now also for rent - and did we want to take a look at apartment #8?

Of course we did . . . so yesterday we took a little family trip to check it all out;  apartment #8 is obviously in better condition than apartment #5- - there is no linoleum plastered over the kitchen tile, the floors are shinier and the walls are whiter.

Now my head is spinning:  sure, apartment 8 is in better shape,  but a little part of me wonders if #5 would be a better choice since the renovations will have to be more drastic?  (goodness! I suffer intensely, don't you think?)

Really though, 99% of me already knows that we will chose apartment #8 because it has a bathtub - something that #5 does not have;
and well . . . the kiddos were thrilled about the bathtub.
I hear a whisper in my heart
that tells me
that a good way to show my family love right now,
is to choose the apartment with the darn bathtub.


  1. Hi Mrs. Smith! This is Aubrey, from Believers Fellowship :)

    Just wanted to drop in and say that I've been reading your blog for a while and I love it-it's encouraging and fun. Not to mention that your photography is beautiful! I love the second picture in this post.

    This apartment looks lovely, especially the blue bathroom. Although, it could just be your amazing photography ;)

    1. hi Aubrey Grace! I'm so so glad dropped in and left me a note (especially since it's the kind of note that makes me feel awesome :) )

      . . . that second picture was one of my favorites too!

  2. ah bathtime... i have such good memories of it. :) i cant wait until esther is old enough to appreciate it [and until she has a sibling to make it more fun!]

    1. although . . . sometimes Malachai and Josu have SO much fun together in the bath that I have to separate them! :)

  3. love this-and a choice of apartments, imagine that. I love picture of kids in the bathtub (a tub with mosaic tile!)
    We will keep praying for the new home.

    1. thank you mom! - this bathroom is a bit Newton-esqe :)