We waited outside of Malachai's school for a while this afternoon. . . he has been planning a post-school get together with a friend all week long;  there had been some parental confirmation on both ends . . . but for some strange reason the friend and the parent never showed up.

"I'm sorry" I told him, "remember, that in Mexico, sometimes it just works like that - - people say yes even if they really can't . . . because it's hard to say no"

I think he gets it.
If this had happened to him six months ago he would have been devastated.
but today, although he was disappointed, he wasn't destroyed.
I think he's figuring out the system.
(sweet boy)

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  1. aw. I hate, hate, hate the lessons of disappointment with my children. And yet, I know it is so good for them to get a sense of reality--things are broken in this world and things don't always work out just like we wanted them too. But it's hard on a momma's heart.