Since the beginning of the school year, all three of my kids have been getting points docked off of their report cards for not having adequate personal grooming.  (they get a grade for personal grooming!   ha!)

So it came as no surprise when Selma told me this week that her teacher goes around in the mornings and checks to make sure that everyone has gel in their hair.
Selma never has her unruly tresses slicked back with hair gel.
but now - of course, she's been asking for some.

I don't care for gel myself - -  and I don't really think my kids need hair products!
But sometimes
I wonder if I should just go out
and buy some hair gel
and teach my kids to use it.
because, after all, we live in Mexico!
Isn't that part of what our family does?  Move into a new culture and work hard to embrace it and fit in?

this makes me laugh.
it also makes me cringe.
and then I cringe again because it makes me cringe.

Tell me!  what would you do? gel or no gel?  


  1. 2 thoughts: 1) you've done it this way for almost the whole school year, why change now? OR 2) why not, it's just gel, it's really not that big of a deal to put a tad in before school. it probably sounds more annoying to you than it really is. And if it might help your kiddos to feel like they fit in more, and cause one less issue the teachers might have with you, than it might open more doors for gospel opportunities--who knows!

    And on a side not from an adoring auntie, your kids have lovely wonderful hair.

    1. I know! my mental battle exactly! - so - would YOU make that a new family pattern? what would YOU choose? :)

  2. oh, no, I wouldn't --it's my granola side; I think I remember when we came back to the States and Luke asked for gel and I thought it was vain and I cringed. Actually, Luke probably needed a little gel. If kids in the villages wear gel it's probably to ward off lice-now that's a different argument. . .

  3. I am in the no-gel camp as well, but I can see that if it was something that was hindering your being accepted culturally it may be worthwhile to get gel. I would be sad to see it though, because I am with Gab, your kids have awesome hair. :) However, if the lice thing ever cropped up... Who knew deciding on hair products could be such a difficult thing. Let us know what you decide.

    Will this still be an issue next year when y'all homeschool?