Saturday:  this morning I finished sewing up this skirt that has been sitting in a rumpled heap by my sewing machine for the past two weeks (I couldn't find my bobbin, ok?)
Well, it's mostly finished;  it only has one of the two pockets attached, but that didn't seem to be a problem for Selma, so on it went!

We took a walk to a box store down the road where:
Joshua and the box man had an extended friendly conversation while
the kids blew bubbles,
and I made sure they didn't chase the bubbles into the busy, crazy street

Joshua carried those boxes all the way home,
and now we'll spend the afternoon packing them up!
Maybe we'll take a break to bake some cookies too.


  1. Do you bring your camera everywhere?!?!? I love your photos! I am always sure someone is going to run into the street...

    Praying for your move!

    1. um, pretty much - yes (at least I try to!)

      thanks for praying for us!

  2. bubbles are really fun. the skirt is cute; Abi and I are wondering if it has an elastic band, probably not? I like Selma's hand in her pocket.

    1. yep - it's elastic alrighty (although, I'm having trouble with it - it keeps doubling over in the casing; I'm wondering if it is because it is an elastic that I pulled out of an old skirt?)