About that jalapeño salsa:

Grab a handful of jalapeños.  Give them a good scrub; cut off the tops and then slice them down the middle.  Pull out the seeds (and membranes - especially if you want to reduce to the heat). Then slice the jalapeños into long, thin strips and put them in a bowl. Squeeze in a few limes and add some salt (2 teaspoons?  maybe 3?) 

Salsa making fact: you always need more salt than you think you do.

Serve it up with whatever taco you are eating - especially if your taco is stuffed with flank steak.

worth noting: If you don't want your hands to be on fire for the next 24 hours,  don a pair of rubber gloves for this entire process


  1. wow--that looks simple, and spicy!

    1. yes; so simple! that's what caught my attention the first time I ate it. and the crazy thing is that it's not as spicy as you might think!