If you were to look out our window on any given Sunday morning, you would likely see my neighbors suited up in their sportiest outfits, riding their bikes towards the city center. . . because every Sunday morning, the city closes down traffic on one of its main streets, and invites its city dwellers to exercise (I love this city!)

Being the church-loving family that we are, we rarely have our Sunday mornings free, but this week we did, so we packed up our wheels and our helmets, called our neighbors and invited them to join us*, and headed out to sweat with the rest of the city. Once my kiddos realized that they could ride on the edge of the street to avoid being run over by aggressive cyclists and skaters, I stopped yelling at them, and we had a pretty good time.

Added bonus: we found a taco stand just around the corner; we'll be going back to that one.

*Ah, but one neighbor's girlie got sick and she had to cancel, and the other neighbor had errands to run, so we went alone. If we ever go again, though, we'll work harder to make sure that a neighbor joins us- because this is the sort of event that no family should do alone - it's really done best in community.


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    1. Sometimes, in the messiness of the city, I miss the dreamy-ness of it (I'm getting better at finding it though!)

  2. How interesting! We have car-free Sundays here in Jakarta, too! Love that this is happening in other parts of the world!

    1. Really!? take pictures! blog about it! I want to see Jakarta's version!

  3. Don't you love how real people eat real tacos. . .in front of Sanborns?