You prayed for me, didn't you? you prayed about our schooling situation, right?
I know you prayed for me, because you keep asking me about the school down the street.

and I know you prayed, because our meeting with the principal went so well: better than I could have imagined. We got a tour of the school grounds; we peeked in on kids working diligently at their desks; we saw the amazing pool facility; we spent a solid hour with the principal, dialoguing about what we would need to do to sign our kids up for the next school year.

There was a rough patch in the meeting - after the principal scolded us for the fifth time for doing something as ridiculously irresponsible as homeschooling - when I bristled and tried to explain for the the fifth time that my kids schooling had indeed been legitimate and . . . and Joshua's hand slid over to my knee and firmly, gently squeezed it. (Do you know this love squeeze? the warning love squeeze? the "whoah, settle down and I'll take it from here" love squeeze? It's a life saver for me.) 

And then there were those ten minutes on the sidewalk outside of the school building when I cried the ugly cry, and Joshua held me close and reminded me tenderly that my value is not dependent on what people think about our schooling choices  - that my value is firmly rooted in being created in God's image and being loved by Him - things that no one can take away.  

But, I told you the meeting went well, didn't I?
It did.
It looks like the school - despite its full school roster - is willing to open their doors to the Smith family. We were given a verbal commitment that the school would make space for all three of our kiddos. We will take them in the day before school ends (mid July!), when they will be analyzed for grade placement.

That kind of freaks me out.

Now we're frantically preparing for the placement tests. . . in spanish.

On my best days, though, I'm honestly pretty excited.


  1. Oh Naomi, I would have totally wanted to explain myself to that principal just like you did! The school sounds nice....a swimming pool! I'm assuming it's private. Will be praying for those exams. Does school start in Aug.? We are enjoying summer vacation. Love, A Teri

    1. I was pretty stable the first four times . . . it was the FIFTH that made my heart explode :)

      It's actually a public school that we're looking at, but because the school was built when our neighborhood was fancy (100 years ago), its installations are pretty fantastic! The school year starts up mid August. Thank you for praying!

      I'm hoping your summer is filled with sweet snuggle time with that cute grandbaby of yours! :)

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing your heart in such a vulnerable way. I can't believe I'm anxious over sending Joel to preschool Ha! You're so brave for enduring that principal, Naomi. Let me tell you, your kids are super bright, creative, intelligent, well-spoken, compassionate and so much more- you are doing an amazing job with them. I applaude you for what you've done because I know I could never home school my three kids at the same time! My hero :) And thanks for sharing about the "ugly cry" because I now I know I'm not the only one who cries it. Props to Josh who is there to wipe your tears and encourage you.

    Lastly, I love your cute shoes in the last pic!! ;) xoxo

    1. Oh Karla, you are so beautifully kind; thank you!
      . . . and it makes perfect sense that you be nervous about Joel's schooling! We'll cry together when we need to cry, and then we'll remind each other of sweet gospel hope - ok?

      (and my yellow shoes: a little harder to keep clean in Mexico City than I anticipated; but I'll keep trying! :) )

  3. I wish I could be homeschooled by you Naomi :) Has the principle been put at ease by your kid's brilliance yet?

  4. ha ha - I think you should be the one schooling ME :) So, the principal hasn't contacted me YET about how brilliant my kids are . . . but I'm expecting to hear from her any day now ;)