We spent our Saturday hanging out with some friends from all over the world: Some live here in Mexico; some in Europe; some in Africa.   These friends care deeply about their cities, and are thinking strategically about what it means for their love of Jesus to transform their communities. 

We hung out for hours. 
It may have had something to do with the five different cuts of meat that kept coming off the grill (and the lovely jalapeño salsa that paired so perfectly with all those meats)

But I think that mostly, it was because they kept asking each other questions like:
What characterizes your city?  Where do you find beauty in it?  How does the message of Jesus redeem the brokeness that you face in daily life? When you are worn down by your city - what do you do to renew your love for it?

So - What city you you live in? Have you ever thought about the cultural complexities of your city and about how the message of Jesus can transform and enrich the people that fill it?  how do you keep caring about your city - even when it wears you down?


  1. I love this. Kinda lonely for this type of conversation! And I miss you!

    1. only one way to get that conversation: come visit me :)