Our father's day was pretty low key*:
waffles and foot rubs,

and an email to my Papi (who can be largely credited for the quirky and awesome in me)

I'm so thankful for these men:
Men who have loved their families generously;
who have invested deeply into the lives of their children.

Men like this change the world;
 they start in their homes.

 *well, low key for me, anyways. . . because Joshua preached this morning, and then, when we came home, he took all the kids (with the new read-aloud tucked under his arm) to our local ice cream shop. They shared a banana split while I lounged on my bed for an hour and read my book in peace.  


  1. she is such a sweet sweet girl! Love this blog post, Naomi!

    1. yes she is! (unless she's arguing with her brothers . . . and then things get ugly :) )

  2. book looks good! maybe I'll read that on our trip--the neighboring one (since I thought I came up with that word anyway...:))

    1. It's been really good! (although so far, it just keeps telling me to do the stuff I'm crazy passionate about already)

      and you TOTALLY came up with that word. (I think there is a note to you in the prologue)