day of the mom

(my mother's day - - a sleep in, a sweet morning with the church, sewing time, home videos, and a fierce game of cards with my loves over a cupcake and cappuccino)

Growing up, we never went out to eat for mother's day lunch.
Well, to be quite honest, we never went out for lunch, period (we were a family of ten on the world's smallest teacher's salary, so it only made sense)

I remember smoldering with childish envy on Sunday afternoons as I watched all the church families smile and laugh and load into their cars to go out to eat with all the other rich, happy families - - while we loaded up into our million passenger van and headed home for a boring home cooked meal with whoever mom had invited over for lunch.

so here I sit, twenty years later, so thankful for my mama.
for my mama who never complained about having to cook on those Sunday afternoons;
(even on Mother's day Sundays);
for my mama who modeled cheerful hospitality,
and taught me about the sweet value of loving people in my home!


  1. This post makes me so happy. :) You are such a beautiful mama yourself! Your mama must be one very amazing woman.

  2. good stuff. glad to see the card game is getting some use...we can't find ours! bummer...have to go replenish the supply!