God gave me two

As I went about my tasks this week (doing that important stuff I do) I realized this:

As if having one amazingly hospitable mom wasn't enough,
When I married Joshua,
God gave me a second one.
So here are some ways that Ginny makes hospitality awesome:
1. I've never seen a woman throw a meal together so quickly! I could call her with only 20 minutes notice, and she would have a three course meal (spectacular dessert included) by the time I showed up at her doorstep!
2. If you are my friend, you have probably been invited to stay at her beautiful coastal town home (if you are my friend, and you haven't been invited - - it's only a matter of time . . . )
3. She stocks her kitchen and cupboards with things I like - - stove-top espresso maker, Burt's bees, dark chocolate and Living magazine. yeah. . . . I know!

I've got it good.


  1. very sweet, and very true (I too, have called shortly before arriving....)

  2. I indeed remember sitting down to dinner at her table...and come to think of it, I feel like maybe she wasn't even there but that she had dinner for us anyway? do you remember? whatever it is, it is awesome indeed.

  3. remember sharing her living room floor with a dozen other college students and their sleeping bags- amazing lady!