note to self: it would be easier if you had been more organized

We leave our little loaned house on Wednesday. And so the marathon re-packing begins; I am sorting everything into piles:
the goodwill pile
the a-friend-might-want-this pile (I mean, after all, I bought that nutmeg at wholefoods for $6.00 and only used it once, surely I can find a friend who will take it for me!)
the it-will-get-to-me-eventually-through-a-visiting-family-member pile
the take-this-right-away-to-Mexico pile
the I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-it pile (I hate that pile)


  1. such cute backsides of cute people walking up that ramp...and I wish I were there to help you decide about all that stuff.

  2. Darn. I wish I was closer. For some reason I love to sort and organize and pack, and even more for other people than myself. Ask Kasey and her mom. :-)

    And I wish I could see you again before you go....hmmm.....is Alabama on the way to Mexico City?

  3. this may be the wrong time to ask, but do you need any clothes for selma? if so, what size does she wear? we have some cute 3T and 4T girls clothes that people have given us... she will probably be able to use them before any of our little ones will. let me know.