the list over lunch

we're away for a couple of (glorious) days to celebrate 12 (glorious) years of marriage.
Yesterday we came up off the beach, dusted the sand off our ankles and ordered lunch; over our sandwiches we grabbed a napkin and a pen, dug down deep into our memories and wrote out where we had spent our previous 11 anniversaries. It was surprisingly tricky; we couldn't come up with anniversary destination number 8 until a full twelve hours later. we finally did, though, sooo
Here's what we got:
1. camping (where? I don't know; we just drove west until we found a campground)
2. California Hot Springs (we thought we would find some hot springs; we didn't. we had fun anyways - - that's what happens when you're in love)
3. Fredricksberg, TX. (the cutest bed and breakfast ever)
4. the hospital in Pamplona, Spain (happy birthday, Malachai!)
5. Madrid (because, after all, we lived in Spain)
6. Rome (where we were introduced to the Italian cappuccino - - there is nothing, nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world)
7. Madrid (aaaah, we love Madrid)
8. Jaca, Spain (one of northern Spain's well loved skiing towns)
9. restaurant Tubal, in Tafalla (why yes, the king and queen of Spain have eaten there. . . )
10. Greece (perfect in every way)
11. Idaho (because sometimes, spending your anniversary with your awesome friends in Nampa, Idaho is just right - - especially if your generous in-laws give you their frequent flier miles to get there)
and here we are, year 12.
in California.
where will we be next year?
I wonder . . .


  1. yay for anniversaries...i need to do that list!

  2. who knows where you'll be...but you know we'll want to come visit (to um...take care of the kids? while you're off celebrating?)!

  3. Awesome! Happy Anniversary!