Joshua asked me today to please go buy some glasses (could it be that he is tired of drinking water out of the tiny blue cups from Selma's tea set? possibly). So the kids and I started the treck to the closest supermarket (which may or may not be a Wal-mart; I'm not telling) and on our way we walked past a little lady sitting in her yard, surrounded by little tables filled with all sorts of glass objects - - including the kind you drink out of.
I walked past her.
and then I turned around and walked back.
She did not disappoint us;  she had us rummage through all the glasses on her front porch and then insisted that we check out the glasses she had in her house.
I think that the good woman had hundreds of boxes old glasses - - some with misprints, some misshapen, some just discontinued.  We each picked out out our favorites, gave warm goodbye's and promised we would be back again soon to pick out some more
(some of our new glasses!  . . . and Josu, washing dishes in his chones - - which is what I should call undies from now on; it only seems right; we are in Mexico afterall)


  1. Those are the exact glasses I would have picked out. Gee, I wish there were one of those little ladies on my street corner!

  2. So glad that you could find a treasure that has a wonderful story, too! I love that you choose to enjoy all the blessings and opportunities God is bringing to you. --Corey