Remember Gaby?  - - and how I was scheming about inviting her to do lots of fun stuff and make her be my friend?
since then, she has:
Invited me and the kids over for an amazing Mexican breakfast while Joshua was away for a few days,
dropped by my house and dragged me and the kids to the fantastic churro shop down  the street,
invited us to their church's  camp - - up on a high mountain outside the city (where we met a guy who was helping to translate the bible into Nahuatl! um, awesome),
talked to her friends who have connections in the public school system to help us get the kids into the local public school (which, by the way, didn't happen;  more on that later),
invited us to a bbq at her place and introduced us to all her best friends,
brought me batches of beans and salsa - - just for fun, and then chicken broth with the kids had fevers.
. . . .
and me?
well, I invited her over for coffee this week.

and I called her when I was panicking in the school supplies aisle about what I should use to wrap the kid's school books like the school told me to.

I think I did something else nice too;  I just can't remember what.

Yes,  It's good that God has given me this kind friend in this time of my scatterbrained culture shifting. Isn't his love tender?

(Josu and Joshua - - up on the high, high mountain)


  1. That's WONDERFUL!!! Praise God...He gives and gives and gives.

  2. wow! That is incredible! It is his grace- I'm so happy for you. Friendship is such a gift in uncertain lonely times!

  3. yes, folks, Mexico as mountains, beautiful mountains! And God gives sweet friends to cheer us on the journey. I'm especially thankful for Gaby-