Selma communicates in school:  her teacher tells me that she chats away to everyone all day long - - in English. 

Josu communicates in school:  Miss Melina - - his teacher, tells me that Josu keeps quiet unless he can figure out a way to say what he wants in Spanish;  she told me today that she asked Josu to help her to translate a word in English, but that he told her - - no thank you, because he only wanted to speak Spanish in class. 

Malachai communicates in school:  almost flawlessly.  although, he did come home the other day convinced that every child in his class was supposed to bake a cake for the birthday girl in his class, and bring it to her the following day. 
We told him that - - sorry, no.  we weren't going to be able to find the time to bake a cake for her.
and the next day, when we asked Malachai about it, he laughed told us that he must have misunderstood because everyone brought her bags of candy and not cake.


  1. Your children are so precious. I love reading these little snippets of your life in Mexico. Praying for all of you!

  2. Miss these sweet faces, Carter asks often about Malachi. Many hugs to you all. Please tell them they are missed and loved.

  3. wow! Josu looks like Noah I think. Except with red hair:)~Priscilla

  4. Megan-thank you!
    Elizabeth-I know that Malachai misses Carter too! I will pass on the love; it will please them very much!
    bbmom-thanks! (I won't argue that) :)
    Priscilla-that's funny . . . that's the first time I've heard that Josu looks like noah - - although sometimes I think he reminds me of Josiah!