the past several days have been filled with . . . oh . . . wrapping every single one of my children's school books and workbooks with paper and then with plastic.
It's  a Mexican school requirement, as I come to find out. 
It takes longer, and is more emotionally wearing than you might think!

the books have been wrapped up, and the kids have been sent off to school - - which is exciting, especially since we didn't know exactly how that would work out.  We were turned away from the local public school; apparently applications had been in February, and there was a 20-child waiting list for every class in the school.

Through a funny little sequence of events conversations, though, we found a little private school up the street and around the corner - - just across the street from the market - - that seems to be a very lovely option for our family this year. 

We spent some time as a family talking and praying together last Sunday evening.  Joshua asked the kids if they were excited or nervous about anything as they thought about going to school this week.  Josu was nervous about going into a class with so many people that he didn't know.

Malachai told him
"let me share a little tip with you, Josu:  if you see a group of kids hanging out or talking together . . . just go up to them and tell a funny joke, or tell a little story, and then they'll be your friends!"

(yep. That's pretty much the way it works for Malachai.)

I ( like mamas all across the world, I guess) am praying in a special way for my little ones this week - - that they will be bold and brave as they go into an unknown environment;  that they would be honest and kind and loving friends, and that they would have good friends.  
Goodness!  I love them. I'm excited about the ways that God will shape them through this new experience, and I'm excited about friends that they'll make;  I'm nervous, too, about some of the hurt or confusion they'll experience along the way . . .

do you pray in any specific way for your children as they begin their school year?


  1. so very sweet...i got a little teary. i can definitely identify with Josu (but i will pray with you for all of them!)

  2. I pray for friendships as well. And for my oldest, I pray for good listening ears, thoughtful speech and a humble heart. We started a new school this year too and honestly, I think I was way more nervous than he was--my introverted self is so in awe by my extroverted little boy!
    Thankful that you found a school for your kids that fits your family. Will pray for them to adjust to the many things that are new and overwhelming.

  3. I used to pray for my children as they prepared for their school day. They KNEW that, before they left, I would gather them together and ask the Lord to please, please, please--allow them to get caught if they were doing wrong. I wanted them to understand that sin is sin, no matter where it takes place. Amazingly, 8 children could all be breaking a school rule out on the playground and alway my children would be caught.

  4. Rachel - thank you!!!
    Lory - oh! a humble heart . . . mmmm; I should add that one :)
    Joan - - I wondered "which Joan?" when I saw the comment . . . and then I read your prayer request, I then I KNEW! ha! very good . . .

  5. last week as school started, I thought about my loved ones who would enter the classroom as teachers and those who would enter as students! I prayed Psalm 16:8 for each, "I have set the Lord continually before me, because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."

  6. Tonight I prayed with my little ones that they would do what is right whether or not Mommy or Daddy were there, but knowing that God is there.