Up on the Terrace:  the owners of our home left a green plastic table and four chairs.  The plastic is so old that the legs on the chairs are about to give out; Also, if you nudge the table even the tiniest bit, it rocks so terribly  that all the water splashes out of the glasses;  And,  if you sit on the chair too long it leaves a green film on your bum.

It's the only table we have right now, though,
so I'm thankful for it;
because when we're not using it up on the terrace, we can take it apart and carry it down a couple of flights of stairs, reassemble it, and use in our kitchen.


  1. I like your table and chairs, it reminds me of days gone by! I like your view as well, what a City we live in!

  2. I wish I were there on your terrace--really; a terrace seems sooo nice. By the way--if this were even possible--you are getting even better at this photography thing...

  3. the terrace! (forget the table. . .) so, the living area is on the 1st floor, the bedrooms on the 2nd and then the terrace is on top of your house? I'm just trying to imagine. . .

  4. Karla - - our green table is even nicer when we share it with you guys! :)
    Gab - - please come! (and thanks!)
    mom - - yes! the terrace! so, the 1st floor: laundry room and office. 2nd floor: kitchen and living room. 3rd floor: bedrooms. 4th floor extra room and terrace. (it's pretty awesome)

  5. Thanks for hosting Brian hmmmm....do I need to check out the seat of those pants....? I know how long he can sit and talk! PS. I love your 3 little redheads...I'm coming to visit you and Karla on Brian's next MC trip!


  6. um, you might want to check Brian's pants - - just to be sure (I think we were there for three hours). AND - - hurrah! it will be good to have you travel with Brian! (so, we should have another table and chairs by then, but just in case, don't travel with your white pants, ok?)