Our lovely home still sits nearly furniture-less.
Joshua asked Josu a few days ago what he liked most about Mexico and what he liked least about Mexico.
I can't remember what he liked most, but what he liked least was that "our house has no stuff in it" (I guess a fridge and washing matching doesn't count for anything for a five year old . . . weird)
Selma cried at least two times last week because she wanted to go sleep at her home at Barry and Karla's instead of ours.

It's my fault.
I keep looking for mid-century-modern furniture . . . . in Mexico

I stumbled across the CAD (center of architecture and design) which had lovely things - - but was not allowed by either my budget or my conscience to purchase anything there.

I did take pictures of my kids when I was there, because, of course, it (like any proper center for architecture and design) had beautiful, gigantic windows.

and pictures don't cost me anything.


  1. This is lovely, and your kids are adorable. I hope you find some good furniture soon!

  2. when my architect husband read this he said, "What else WOULD one buy besides mid-century modern??!"

    (that's what happens when one immerses one's self in Neutra, I guess)