I met Gabi a few days ago. (Karla introduced us)
Yesterday Gabi invited me (and my kids) to go with her (and her kids) to the local market, and then to her place, where we would cook lunch together.
Of course I said yes - - I would have to be insane NOT to say yes.

So we went to the market - - to all her favorite vendors;
and then to her home, where the kids ran wild, and snacked on every tropical fruit imaginable while we spent the afternoon in her kitchen making pozole.

It was perfect. 
Gabi doesn't know it yet, but I'm already planning our next get-together.
I'm planning lots of them.


  1. dear sweet naomi - I pray for you each time I find one of the letters you wrote or pictures you drew for Grandma Billie and Grandpa Arndt. When you finally find your new home I will send them to you. You were a blessing to them and continue to be for the Fortlage family.
    Aunt Beth

  2. thank you aunt Beth; I don't draw as many pictures as I used to . . . but I do take more pictures :) love you!

  3. loving your posts, and thinking about your new friend and lots of get togethers; we're with Josiah and Lindsey and sweet Gwyneth. praying that you'll find a new home soon