*watching Josu walk slowly down our driveway and then break into a gallop - - stripping off his jacket and backpack when he realized that the bounce house was for real
* my friend Gaby - - who talked me through the proper etiquette for throwing a child's birthday party in Mexico, and who then showed up three hours early to roll a billion taquitos and hang balloons 
*having ten mamas drink coffee around my table 
*getting to know FIFTEEN of Josu's sweet, funny classmates 

Not awesome:
*when the head of the birthday-candle-lighting-match dropped off into the shirt of a sweet baby girl who was standing close by
(you didn't even know that was possible? Me neither;  but now I know - - and now you know, and we will be better women for it, right?)

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  1. I like the part about 10 mamas around your table drinking coffee. I wish I had been there too