Selma and I spent some time last week, potting some plants up on the terrace - - I'm pretty sure that whenever we go up to water the flowers or to check on the potato plant that's growing in the compost pot, she thinks that we are gardening.
I wonder when she will realize that I have the world's lamest garden?

Maybe I've got a year, yeah?  I might be able to turn things around in one year . . . .

( I think that Selma looks like cousin Molly in this picture; 
family, what do you think?)


  1. Thanks for the compliment, Naomi. Selma is beautiful.

  2. Yes, I believe she does look like Molly in that picture! Such cute pictures of Selma! Hug your kids for us. Aunt Teri

  3. I totally see Molly, maybe in the mouth? or maybe its the eyes....

  4. Molly - :)
    Aunt Teri - your opinion is the most valuable :)
    Abi - yes! I think it's the mouth!

  5. It's totally the mouth. Adorable!

  6. I agree. And I disagree that your garden is the lamest--you haven't seen mine lately...and I have an actual yard...