Our friends Casey and Alicia  spent last week visiting Mexico City;  they came to see our ministry and to spend time with us and Barry and Karla (because - - oh goodness! can this good news really be true?! - - they hope to join our team sometime next year!)

They  were good sports and followed us every where we took them  - - they squeezed in and out of the metro with us; they ate the food that got placed in front of them (the good stuff and the scary, unfamiliar  stuff); they met our friends and our neighbors; they washed our dinner dishes; they dreamed out loud with us about  how the power of the gospel could transform the city; they confirmed what we have been saying for months - - that our teammates Barry and Karla have a special sparkle that makes every child adore them . . .

Casey and Alicia are back home now,
and we miss them!
(and it makes me happy to think that someday soon Mexico City may be their home!)


  1. so glad to have met them, and so excited for you guys!

  2. I'm so happy when I see pictures of all of us together in Mexico City. Especially the picture of Joshua and Casey surveying the city, scheming. And those girls giggling over puzzles. Sigh.