We were invited to Dani's birthday party last weekend (he's a handsome five year old - - don't you think?)
Gabi and Edgar - - parents of the birthday boy, throw a good party; there were games and streamers, a pinata and a grill.

At the party Joshua and I met a new couple - - Arturo and Olga,  parents of one of Dani's classmates.  We found out that Arturo had lived for a year in San Francisco.  Oh goodness . . . I love talking to people who have been immigrants!  I love hearing about the individuals who befriended them, about the things that made them cry; the ways that their thinking was challenged, and the ways that their lives were shaped by their new country.   (Poor Arturo - - he thought he was just coming for a party; I don't think anyone warned him I would be there to interview him)

That night after our conversation, I laid in bed thinking about the ways that Spain shaped our family (I always cry a little when I think about that . . . I miss Spain), and wondered how Mexico will shape us (that excites me).

So I'm wondering how many of you have lived in another country;  and of course, I want to know how you have been shaped by that experience.  Tell me! I want to know.


  1. Oh geez...we need to talk. It's too much for a comment!

  2. I know Heather- - you're right! but come on . . . just give me ONE thing! :)

  3. i lived in germany for almost a year... i still miss it sooo much, everything about my personality is very german, from the way i dress, to not taking ice in my drinks, to the way that i think about the world.

    one of the big ways it impacted me... detaching my dependence on a car! i am no longer afraid to bike next to cars on the road and i am completely fine taking public transportation places... a big plus since we have only owned one car for most of our marriage!

    it was also refreshing to live in a first world country where people aren't focused with every fiber of their body to own more stuff. not saying there was no materialism there, but much less so than in america.

    PS i love your blog! :)

  4. Sarah - ah yes . . . I can see a little German in you! (and I love those things!)