November 20th is the day Mexico celebrates its revolution - - when the Mexican peasants rose up against the president/dictator Porfirio Diaz (that's the short version . . . I'm still learning)

So of course, at Josu and Selma's school the children danced and recited poetry.  Almost every child came with bullets strapped across their chest or with a weapon in their arms;  I guess I didn't get that memo.
So, this week:   On Tuesday we celebrate Josu's birthday, and then on Thursday we will have a thanksgiving dinner with Barry and Karla.  I'm responsible for: the turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, an apple pie and a pecan pie.  Pies are a big deal in my family - - in fact - - I think that probably, as I type this, all of my sisters and sisters in laws in the US are texting back and forth, working out the details of  the 24 hour pie baking marathon they are certainly going to have this week.
I used to be afraid of pies, but last year my sister Rachel discovered an amazing pie crust recipe (no really - - it's perfect!) and now I have no pie crust fears. 
What pies are you making for your Thanksgiving dinner this week?


  1. Since moving to El Paso, I've always wondered why we have a street named after Porfirio Diaz. But I'm generally in favor of revolution...

  2. My mom makes 20 pies every Thanksgiving, no kidding. Unfortunately, she did not pass that pie-making gene on to me :(

  3. Priscilla (or . . .Josh?); I'm glad to have helped!
    Emily: daaaaang! 2o pies? I would love to see her list!

  4. Uncle Noah says, "Poor Selma-she needed a gun."
    We're making pie. . .lots, of course. tomorrow I'll get together with a friend and her mother in law for pies. My job is pumpkin and berry pies this year.

  5. We are going camping in our RV this year. We will eat tacos and s'mores. I wish I knew how to make pie crust... the GF thing complicates it a little, but thanks to your link to the perfect pie crust recipe, I took a few deer trails and may have come upon a good GF crust... we shall see if I ever get my act together to try it!

  6. This picture is blowing my mind. I love it. LOVE IT.

  7. cranberry pecan (for me) and an apple for the general public
    hmmm - cant wait for the morning after thanksgiving breakfast...