Josu was still sleeping this morning when I snuggled up close to him to sing him happy birthday.  He woke up half way through - - and he was smiling (so it couldn't have been too off tune, yeah?)
He said it was pretty good, but he wanted me to sing  Las Mananitas instead.
did it.
I also cooked him his dinner of choice - - eggs and bacon . . . and mangos
I made arrangements for a bouncy castle to be set up in our driveway tomorrow for when when we have his birthday party.
he's going to FREAK out when he sees it. (we avoid bouncy houses like the plague - - they either 1. cost money or 2. have huge lines)

Happy Birthday Josu!

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  1. JOSUUUU!!!!!! Happy Birthday, little man (though from the pictures your mama has been posting, you're not so little anymore).

    Wish we could be there with you...and wish we could share your bouncy castle (can adults get in bouncy castles?? Little adults like me?) Instead, we're going to talk about how much we miss you all. day. long. : )