Christmas Eve:  we took the metro downtown with Barry and Karla.  We didn't go to see anything in particular  . . . we just went to see.  After lots of walking, and lots of seeing  I proposed that we go eat tacos, but Barry had a hankering for scrambled eggs and suggested we eat at Sanborns.

(goodness, how do I describe Sanborns?  It's maybe like the Mexican equivalent to Macy's?  I can just envision my classy grandma Billie wanting to lunch at Sanborns after a long morning of Christmas shopping!)

So we ate at Sanborns, and I was very glad we did (oh! The light! The tiles! The planet sized pinata hanging from the ceiling!)  I'm wondering if maybe we need to turn this into a Mexico City team Christmas Eve tradition . . . Karla, what do you think?  

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  1. hmm, even 25 years ago Sanborns was impressive. . . well, to me anyway.
    blessings, missing you.