Joshua and I participated in a parent/child Christmas tree craft at Josu and Selma's school last week.  We cut foamy stuff and used hot glue guns and twisted sparkly pipe cleaners into miniature candy canes to hang on miniature tree branches.
The trees were as ugly as all get out,
But I didn't mind coming home with two gaudy miniature fake trees in my arms because I got to meet several moms for the first time, and we had some really good conversation!

We talked about Mexican Christmas traditions; We talked a lot about the posadas - - Mexican Christmas parties in which the the guests reenact Mary and Joseph's search for lodging in Bethlehem:  there is singing and and eating and pinatas, and at some point everyone sings a lullaby to a doll representing baby Jesus.

I'm particularly interested in understanding posadas;  they seem to be one of the prominent elements of Christmas celebration here;  we go to our first posada this weekend  . . . I'll let you know how it goes!

Also . . . it should be documented that yesterday I overheard Josu saying to Malachai:
"what if I was in heaven, and I saw Jesus.  I would probably fall over because he is so beautiful!"

True, Josu; he is beautiful;
so, so beautiful.

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  1. and for the record, I really love the christmas trees. they are a pretty sort of ugly.